Shortly after New Year's, I said goodbye to my colleagues at Basho, and joined the Solid project MIT CSAIL (specifically, the DIG / IPRI groups). I loved working at Basho, learned a mind-boggling amount, liked and respected my colleagues, and still remain a huge fan of Riak. And am also really proud of helping the Riak Explorer project get off the ground (and provide an Admin GUI for Riak clusters). When faced with an opportunity of a lifetime to join a radical, ambitious project aiming to decentralize data ownership and social web applications, however, how could I pass it up?

So that's what I'm doing these days. Writing libraries, frameworks and reference apps that will enable an ecosystem of user- and data-centric social applications. Diving into the current Semantic Web stack (which so far has been a whirlwind of new concepts, standards and libs), writing specs, doing a bit of community relations, and helping develop new W3C standards.